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Long Island's Best Gym Experience

Starting as purely an Aerobic Studio during the ’80s, we have grown and evolved into New York’s most innovative and client-oriented fitness club. Our mission over the last 36 years has been to create the very best fitness experience through top group classes, instructors, trainers, equipment, and amenities. In doing so, we have been voted the Best of Long Island a record 23 times and were awarded 2018, 2019, and 2020 Customer Experience Awards Fitness Club of the Year, global recognition for outstanding member engagement. Many things have changed since the 1980s, but what hasn’t changed is our passion for fitness and commitment to our members. Our reputation is made every day, with every customer, because no one trains harder than our members, and no one works harder for its members than Fitness Incentive.

Group Fitness Classes

If Fitness Incentive is “famous” for any one thing it would be group exercise classes. We were founded as an “aerobic studio” way back in 1984, and our classes remain a core offering to this day. We have the biggest group exercise class schedule that you will find anywhere, filled with the most innovative classes and led by the finest instructors. In fact, we have more classes in a day than most gyms have in a week, virtually all of which are included with your membership. If you love classes, this is your gym.

Personal Training

Let’s face it – getting in shape takes work. But unless you know what you’re doing, all your hard work may not get you the results you want. That’s where a Personal Trainer comes in. Working with a professional trainer is, without a doubt, the surest way to achieve any fitness goal you may have, whether it’s weight loss, improved fitness, increased muscular strength, greater flexibility, or all of the above.


Eat Smart is a broad range of nutritional counseling services tailor-made to individual dietary needs and goals. Do you want to lose weight and inches? Of course Eat Smart can help, but it can also help you to build lean muscle, reduce dietary risk factors, or just improve your ability to make sensible dietary choices. Eat Smart is not about the so-called “nutrition” of the latest fad diet, or the punishing regimen of starving yourself, but is instead nutrition based on educated, sensible eating. The flexibility of Eat Smart gives the program the potential to benefit everyone — or at least anyone who eats!


Fitness Incentive provides babysitting to its members, so you can focus on your fitness.

Secretly Chic Boutique

Long Island’s best kept fashion secret featuring fashions from some of the most sought-after designers.

Skylite Cafe

Enjoy fine coffees, teas, lite breakfast, healthy soups, protein shakes, Cor’s Homemade Muffins, Mighty Bites, and more, right at Fitness Incentive!

Incentives Salon & Spa

Incentives offers the finest natural, organic products and services available, along with the best of traditional spa and salon products and services.

Member Reviews

  • I’ve been working with Sean Horan at Fitness Incentive and he has been amazing. It’s great that there are amazing trainers for every type of client.

    Chris G Avatar
    Chris G
  • The best gym I ever been❤️

    Larisa M Avatar
    Larisa M
  • The great instructors; the cleanliness of the gym and the caring staff who is so helpful and nice!

    Joanne B Avatar
    Joanne B
  • I love Fitness Incentive it feels more like being with family than at a gym. I love the instructors they are the best.

    Connie N Avatar
    Connie N
  • Courteous, extremely clean and always trying to please a huge population. In these trying times I think Cor and Ken are doing a remarkable job along with Jordan. Thank you for working so hard.

    Mary K Avatar
    Mary K
  • The classes and the people who work there are great

    Kimberly F Avatar
    Kimberly F
  • Fitness Incentive is a very friendly and professional establishment. The classes and instructors are great, and the personal trainers are beyond knowledgeable and accommodating. Owner operated allowing for a very warm and inviting environment. You always feel welcomed and cared for. I LOVE FI.

    MAGDALENA F. Avatar
  • I love that the owners have made it their life’s work keeping it their one and only location which enables them to devote exclusive and personal attention to the gym’s details and services. My whole family belongs and most of my local friends. It’s a very friendly place. All the instructors and their classes and various personal trainers are great. There’s a class and/or trainer to fit every individual’s need.

    Christine B Avatar
    Christine B
  • Best gym on Long Island. Best classes always!!!

    Janet L. Avatar
    Janet L.
  • Best gym ever... clean, safe , friendly, awesome classes and instructors are amazing....

    Kathy L Avatar
    Kathy L
  • All the classes I’ve taken are challenging but fun and the instructors do everything to make the class a positive learning experience. The gym is very very clean and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

    Pat T. Avatar
    Pat T.
  • Fitness Incentive is the most welcoming and supportive gym! Super clean, great classes & instructors!

    Melanie R. Avatar
    Melanie R.
  • Cor, Christina, Kelly, Jenn, Bri, Jourdan and all the other wonderful FI instructors! Thank you for keeping us fit while we have fun with our FI family and friends!

    Louise R. Avatar
    Louise R.
  • friendly and helpful staff. and the gym is always clean and has great equipment. it's a pleasure to work out at FI.

    Sylvia N Avatar
    Sylvia N
  • Fitness Incentive is the best gym there is. The instructors are excellent and there are plenty of classes to fit around work. I can’t say enough good things about this gym.

    Samantha H Avatar
    Samantha H
  • I normally do not leave reviews, not sure why but I’m compelled to do so for this establishment. I don’t like calling it “my gym”. Its much more than just a place to work out the body. It’s a place that embodies all things self-care. Through conversations with the owner, instructors, and trainers, I’ve come to accept my self in ways that I’ve been in search of; Self-Love.
    This lifestyle establishment has a family driven feel to It.
    The owners and their team exude absolute kindness and truly care about each and one of their members. They have guided me into a mindset that progress is not linear, rather acceptance of what we encompass in the present and what we can strive to achieve.
    I am blessed to be apart of the Fitness Incentive family.
    Love Lizzie

    Elizabeth P. Avatar
    Elizabeth P.
  • Love Fitness Incentive & my trainer Linda Cunningham!!!

    Janet C. Avatar
    Janet C.
  • I have been a long time member of Fitness Incentive. I think Cor and Ken do a great job of keeping the gym clean, up to date, keeping the great trainers, the classes are intense, especially the spin classes, most notably, Teresa, who has a large following. It's a great gym.

    Catherine M Avatar
    Catherine M
  • I love everything about my friendly neighborhood gym. You have the best classes and instructors. It's amazing that you offer daycare to your members. And a cute clothing boutique too. FI has it all.

    Deborah H. Avatar
    Deborah H.
  • Great gym great everything

    Veronica A. Avatar
    Veronica A.
  • Love that my friend & I reactivated our memberships. So happy to be back & 2 of our friends Joined also. Love Donna & Monica’s yoga, Linda’s & Dinas Pilates, Cathy Cardio & Sculpt & Corinne’s Stretch class. Such great & caring instructors Been going 5 days a week. Such a friendly, clean and motivating gym. So excited to be back

    RoseAnn P. Avatar
    RoseAnn P.
  • If you are the kind of person that puts perfume or cologne on before going to the gym. Or if you are the kind of person that has to wear matching shoes and head bands. If you like talking more than sweating. If u have never read the modern encyclopedia of body building....Then this is the right gym for you.
    My wife loves this gym. Me??? I can’t get a good lift here without feeling like a beastly freakish monster. I prefer the rusty smelly sweat box gyms that u need tetanus shots for.
    But once a year (anniversary) I will put on my Sunday best and attend the social gala (aka workout) at FI with my wife.

    John J. Avatar
    John J.
  • Not a typical chain gym, or typical gym for that matter. Friendliest, most knowledgeable staff, the place is beyond spotless ALL THE TIME, tons of classes , and always updating their machines and equipment. No other place like it anywhere!!

    Colleen W. Avatar
    Colleen W.
  • The gym is back and as great and clean as safe as it has always been. Just came from outdoor Friday night Streetbeats class beyond amazing as always !’ The best cardio / full body workout and the most fun you will have all week! Come back to the best gym and join us for our 5:00 Friday Happy Hour ❤️❤️

    Barbara H. Avatar
    Barbara H.
  • So happy to be back .
    So clean , so spacious, just an awesome gym!

    Marianne D. Avatar
    Marianne D.
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Download the Fitness Incentive App and unlock a Two-Week Complimentary Trial Membership at the Best Gym in Long Island, plus free guest passes for your friends and family!


Download the Fitness Incentive App and unlock a Two-Week Complimentary Trial Membership at the Best Gym in Long Island, plus free guest passes for your friends and family!